Benji understands the complexities of the behavioral health industry and offers payors and providers alike an integrated, automated software solution. Our software enhances data management, security, efficiency, and compliance for better revenue cycle management.

What Is Meant by Healthcare Payors?

A healthcare payor pays for the healthcare services a patient receives from a healthcare provider. The payor can be a person, a company, an organization, or some other legal entity. The most common example is an insurance company.

A healthcare payor could be a public or governmental insurance company like Medicare or Medicaid, a commercial company like Humana or Aetna, a private insurance company, or even a non-insurance, personal cash payment for services.

In all these instances, a payor will need detailed, accurate records from the healthcare provider describing the medical claim for reimbursement. This information will include the nature of the services received and the related insurance billing codes necessary to reflect those services or procedures. Any inaccuracy can cause a cascade of errors, resulting in providers not getting paid, payors paying out too much, or the patient receiving a bill they did not expect.

Benji offers an enterprise software solution that includes:

  • Electronic medical records (EMR)
  • Revenue cycle management (RCM)

Our automated, AI-driven healthcare payor software increases efficiency effortlessly.

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Benefits for Behavioral Health Payors

There are numerous advantages to having Benji as your helpful sidekick in the complex, regulated world of behavioral health. Some of these benefits include the following:


Benji leverages robust datasets and automation enhanced by AI, allowing for deeper levels of analysis and insights.

Improved Data

By offering more than just clinical data, our enterprise software solution ensures increased accuracy and compliance, increasing efficiency and reducing the number of claims that must be reworked. 

Better Revenue Management

With our automated, AI-driven solution, the data and compliance efficiencies lead to faster processing of reimbursements, fewer errors, and more productivity.