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Who We Are: From Hansei to Benji

First came Hansei, our parent company that specializes in revenue cycle management. Through our experience working with healthcare providers, we recognized a critical need for a user-friendly platform that would streamline clinical workflows and simplify documentation processes. This need was the driving force behind the development of Benji, our innovative electronic health records system.

The Benji team is comprised of experts who have extensive experience in both the clinical and operational sides of behavioral health – That’s why our team has taken the lead in developing the most efficient platform on the market.

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Hansei + Benji

Designed to Drive Growth

Hansei’s matchless customer service, paired with Benji’s trailblazing artificial intelligence, allows you to get a top-notch product and service.

Your Friendly Sidekicks

Meet the Team Behind Benji

Catalina Cristancho with dog
Catalina Cristancho with dogs
Catherine Huezo and Abdiel Rosas with dog
Emily Bamrick with dog
Emily with dog Rogue
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Jessica Wyman with dog
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The Benji Creators

Benji means business, matter, reason, and possibility. Benji has a knack for being in the right place, at the right time. At Benji, we are your sidekicks to helping progress your business while keeping your staff and patients successful, happy, and engaged.

Our leadership team brings decades of experience in clinical, financial, operational, and healthcare technology solutions. Our partner’s values and dedication in the behavioral health field fuel our mission of improving healthcare through innovation and technology.

Erin Burke

Erin Burke

Founder & CEO

“Benji let’s the dog wag the tail”

Patrick Dunn

Patrick Dunn

Chief Strategy Officer

“Setting the Standard for Better Solutions”

Brittany Hines

Brittany Hines

Program Manager

“Mending people, not charts”

Carli Stump

Carli Stump

Brand Manager

“Your sidekick to playing by the rules”

Jacy Bruck

Jacy Bruck

Sales & Operations

“It’s not just technology – it’s human connection”

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Why Benji?

We specialize in CRM & EHR software, practice management, and revenue cycle management solutions. We deeply understand the healthcare industry and the challenges that behavioral healthcare organizations face. Our solutions are designed to streamline processes, improve patient care, and increase revenue.

  • Compliance and Billing-Centric Technology
  • Access to clinical, financial, and compliance documentation, all in one place
  • Snapshot of Patient and Payor Data
  • Automation Improving Workflows and Communication

Benji’s Key Differentiators

  • Post Outcomes Tracking
  • Digital Bed Board
  • Drive Revenue, Reduce Costs
  • Reduce Redundancy
  • Reduce Over-documentation
  • Better Outcomes, Maximize Billing
  • Increase Margins & Bottom Line
  • Reduce Need To Audit Charts
  • Help More Patients

Contact Us

If you have any inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help and assist you in any way we can. Here’s how you can reach us:

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Contact our headquarters, sales, customer support, or patient support teams via phone or email!

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