Our Software

Benji is more than just a software platform—it’s a comprehensive solution designed to meet the nuanced needs of the behavioral health sector. By choosing Benji, you’re not just optimizing your operations—you’re elevating the entire care delivery experience for providers, payors, and, most importantly, the patients who are at the heart of everything you do.

Benji – Behavioral Health Software Solution

Our platform promises not only to simplify the operational aspects of your practice but also to enhance patient care through data-driven insights and efficiencies. Here’s how Benji stands out:

  • Integrated EMR system – Centralize patient records for easy access, ensuring a smoother treatment process.
  • Efficient RCM – Automate billing and claims processes, reducing errors and improving cash flow.
  • AI-driven insights – Benefit from our platform’s deep-level analysis and projections, powered by robust historical datasets, to make informed decisions about your practice and patient care.
  • Compliance and security – Rely on software that fully complies with all behavioral healthcare laws and regulations, ensuring data is protected and secure.

Benji brings a lot to the table, but we work with our partners in behavioral healthcare to tailor the system to their needs.

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Advantages for Behavioral Health Providers and Payors

Our platform offers numerous benefits tailored to the needs of mental health clinics, addiction treatment centers, psychiatrists, therapists, and insurance companies:

Streamlined Operations

Reduce administrative burden and allow your team to focus more on patient care.

Data-Driven Decisions

Leverage analytics to improve patient outcomes and practice performance.

Enhanced Patient Engagement

Utilize advanced technology to maintain a strong connection with patients, encouraging continued engagement in their care.

Improved Financial Health

Automate and optimize your billing and claims processes to ensure faster reimbursements and fewer denied claims.


Grow your practice with a platform that scales with you, accommodating an increasing number of patients without compromising service or quality. 

With Benji as your behavioral health center software sidekick, you can spend less time on documentation and data and more time focused on outcomes.

Patients Also Benefit from Behavioral Health Software Solutions

Our platform not only benefits healthcare providers and payors but also significantly impacts patient care. Patients, providers, and payors are the cornerstones of the behavioral healthcare industry, and Benji helps you connect the dots between all three. Patients want effective, compassionate care with cost transparency and data security. Benji’s capabilities allow for many of the following advantages: 

Personalized Care Plans

With the integration of EMR systems, healthcare providers can deliver personalized care by leveraging a wealth of patient data.

Better Access to Care

Simplified administrative processes mean that patients can more easily access the care they need without delay.

Increased Engagement

Engage patients in their care plans through timely and meaningful communication, enhancing therapeutic outcomes.

Transparency in Billing

Clear and accurate billing processes improve patient trust and satisfaction.

Benji’s innovative approach to behavioral health is more than just a solution; it’s a commitment to transforming the landscape of behavioral healthcare.