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Benji, A Hansei Company

The Full-Service EHR Solution for Behavioral Health

Everything must evolve, including healthcare. Benji is a full-service, one-stop, enterprise EHR and CRM solution that uses automation and AI to drive intelligent workflows for compliant clinical care, documentation, and revenue cycle.

Your All-Inclusive Practice Management Tool

Benji means business, matter, reason, and possibility. Benji has a knack for being in the right place, at the right time. At Benji, we are your sidekick, helping progress your business on a clinical, compliance, and financial level, keeping your staff and your patients informed, engaged, and successful.

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Increase Revenue

No need to fear state audits, surveys, and compliance work. Benji’s unique set of forms is guaranteed to meet State, Joint Commission, and ASAM guidelines. Our team knows what payors want, and our workflows guide you through that.

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Improve Communication

Keeping our relationship with our customers means improving their relationship with customers.

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Reduce Errors

Who doesn’t crave simplicity? Benji creates efficiency and quality assurance around documentation.

Packed with Powerful Features


The EHR component provides access to comprehensive patient data, including medical history, test results, and treatment plans.


The CRM component allows providers to manage patient interactions, track leads, and improve communication with automated messaging.

Your SideKick to Playing by the Rules

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Billing-Centric Technology

  • Allows for automated patient data analysis and personalized treatment plans.
  • Machine learning technology that drives intelligent workflows for efficient patient care.
  • Improves accuracy and reduces the chance of errors in patient care and documentation.
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Documentation Rules Engine

  • Provides real-time visibility into billing and collections for improved cash flow.
  • Streamlines documentation processes, saving time and reducing administrative workload.
  • Track timely documentation, signatures needed, and task management through a billing-centric rules engine.
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Payor & Compliance Driven System

  • Drives compliant clinical care through the use of data and intelligent charting tools.
  • Helps healthcare providers adhere to regulations and policies, avoiding costly penalties.
  • Provides valuable insights into patient care and outcomes for continuous quality improvement.

Benji is designed to give you and your staff fewer headaches, and get back to what you do best – treating your patients.

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